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Опубликовано: 04.10.2016

видео Translated

Fresh Prince: Google Translated

Looking for a translation agency to translate Russian into English? This article explains why it is important to have your translation done by a native speaker, budget permitting.

Translation is best done by native speakers of the target language (the one being Translated into), because it requires excellent command of the language that only people who learned it as native speakers have. Learning a language as a foreign one rarely results in excellent command.

That said, when it comes to translating from Russian into English, your translation team must include native speakers of English, not Russian. More specifically, the translator’s name should be something like John Smith, not Ivan Ivanov. Now, the problem is that there is a huge supply of RU-EN translators producing low-quality work at bargain-basement rates, which makes it difficult to find the proverbial diamond in the rough in this market. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that clients sometimes succeed in buying good EN-RU translations at low rates and assume they can do the same for RU-EN, never realizing that good RU-EN translation costs much higher because of a different supply and demand ratio—there are much fewer skilled translators in this combination.

As a result, the market for RU-EN translations is segmented into at least three categories, with huge price and quality gaps between them.

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